About Me

I’m Caitlin!
A 25 year old Air Force instructor pilot’s wife
Mama to Matthew, Moose, and Chewie
I have a thing for daffodils, coffee mugs, wine, and food.

I would love to be a real photographer, but for now, I’ll settle for taking a thousand pictures of my boys.

I’m an amateur chef, cooking for my two toughest critics three times a day: my husband who has been all over the world, and my one year old who has a better palate than most adults.
I work hard to make our home as healthy as possible, from cloth diapering my little guy to cooking absolutely everything from scratch to cleaning almost exclusively with things that Matthew could drink and live.

I sell doTERRA oils, because I already had a passion for how amazing they are for our family. To learn more, check out my doTERRA page at the top!

I got my degree in communication studies and political science from Texas State University and am a very proud Bobcat. (Eat ‘em up!)
My sisters are my best friends.  We may not always get along or talk as much as I’d like, but when we get together, it’s like we’ve never been apart.

I consider myself very blessed to have friends all over the world.  As hard as this Air Force life is, I wouldn’t change it for the world.  There’s nothing that will bring your family closer as living a thousand miles from anyone you know, in a state you’ve never seen.

We’ve Survived…
Laughlin AFB: 2008-2009
Altus AFB: 2009, 2011, 2012
McChord AFB (now JBLM): 2009- 2012
Deployment #1 Apr- Sept 2010: The Deid
Deployment #2 Nov- Dec 2010: Thumrait
Deployment #3 Feb- Mar 2011: Thumrait
Deployment #4 Aug- Nov 2011: Manas/Turkey
Randolph AFB: 2012- 2013
Currently: Columbus AFB: 2013-2014
Next Up: Austin, TX