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I’m drowning in a bunch of bins and bubble wrap so I’ve asked some blogger friends to take over my blog for the day and share their Baby Day Stories!  To read my Baby Day Story, click here!  Today, I have Salena, who writes over at Journey of the Luptons.  Let her know how much you enjoyed it and pray I survive!

So first off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Salena. I am 20 years old, and I have a 1 year old daughter. She is the most happiest baby I have ever known! She is a little smarty and if I may say so myself, the best baby ever! (What mom doesn’t say that about her child?)

Yup, that would be my child. :) This was taken for her first birthday party on 1/26/2013

Now onto my story, June 6, 2011 I found out I was pregnant with her. I got a blood test and they had said I was 6-8 weeks. I was so happy being that I had been told a year before that I would never have kids. We scheduled my first sonogram for June 30, 2011 and I was so stoked for that day, well that day came and went and they told me I was 8 weeks and 5 days. I knew that minute they were wrong…

Doctors said I was 8 weeks and 5 days and later, I would realize I was 10 weeks 5 days.

Rewind really fast, in May 2011 I was rushed to the hospital from peeing blood and not being able to move at all. My breasts had been hurting for weeks by then and I knew something wasn’t right, but the doctors decided to take a pee on the stick pregnancy test instead of a blood test. Therefore, they MISSED the issue that I was indeed PREGNANT!

Okay back to real time, I was put in a high risk pregnancy due to some stuff that happened in the past but I was okay with that, I was just happy to be having a baby. :) My entire first trimester I was throwing up at 2am every morning. I was miserable! But at the same time, as I said before, I knew I was further along than they were telling me. I went back and calculated it myself and figured out that they were off by 2 weeks but no one, and I mean NO ONE wanted to listen to me. As time went on, I became more in love with the child I was going to soon give birth to.

On September 13, 2011 I finally got to find out what I was having. It was the day after my 19th birthday and it was the BEST birthday present ever. I was praying for a girl and boy was I over joyed when I was told it sure was a baby girl!

This was my maternity photo shoot done by my mom. :)

From about month 5 on, I had a lot of falls and dizziness and I was in the hospital about 3 nights a week from the pains and pressure I was having, but I made it to the finish line. :)

In December 2011, I met the love of my life, (no I was not with her real dad) and he was totally fine with me being pregnant. He spent most of his time gone being that we lived 2 hours away from one another but he was in love with baby by the time she came.

In January 2012 everything was going great and I had written up my birth plan of having a natural birth with no meds and everything was going fine until I was 38 weeks (36 weeks according to the doctors), I was in the shower and I passed out. My mom came running in and helped me up and as soon as I stood up, my nose started bleeding horribly. I called the hospital to tell them we were coming in and when I got there, my heart dropped. My plan of a natural birth went from 100% to about 40% in one single fall. When I fell, it caused babygirl to flip into breech and they told me that I had 2 weeks to see if she would flip, otherwise I would need to have a c-section. I completely broke down. :(

A week later I was in the hospital again because I was in horrible amounts of pain and begging my doctor to take her out already that I couldn’t walk, sleep, eat, drink, NOTHING. But my doctor said no because I needed to wait to 39 weeks according to military regulations to have them take her. I tried telling her I was already 39 weeks but she said, no, according to the papers, I was 37 weeks, meaning I had no choice but to wait 2 more weeks. (most miserable weeks of my life)

When I was 40 weeks (38 to them), I went in for a checkup and little one was still breech and I decided to schedule my c-section. I was scared out of my mind but I knew it was going to be well worth it when it was all done and over with! The date was set for January 31, 2012.

On January 30, 2012 I went in to get my blood drawn and get everything checked and they did an ultrasound and my daughter had been a little stinker and had flipped to what they thought was all the way and with in the minutes that they got the first tech off me and got the second one on me, she had flipped again to where her head was in my ribs. But when they had seen her down, they had said I needed to be induced that minute and I said, word for word, “Oh hell no!”

The next morning, was a miracle.

I woke up at 5am on the 31st and called the hospital to find out what the plan was and they told me to come in at 6:30am. (the next part is a time table of my day)

6:30am- Arrived at the hospital

7:00am- Got taken to my room and was told they couldn’t do anything until 7:30.

7:15am- Anesthesiologist came in and got me prepped.

7:20am- Wheeled to the O.R.

7:30am- Spinal tap was done.

7:40am- I was numb and they brought my mom in and began the operation.

8:15am- They said they were breaking the uterine wall and said, “There’s one foot, two foot, oh, cute little butt.”

8:16am- Lillianna Luna Marie Wesolek was born at 6lbs 3oz and 19inches long.

My sweet little girl an hour after she was born

I spent 2 days in the hospital and it is so hard to believe that was a year ago, she is now a walking, talking, hell raising, one year year old! I am so happy I was able to share this with you all. :)

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