Blog Organization Binder

The past few weeks, I’ve had people asking me how on earth I keep track of all the blog stuff I seem to do, or how I post every day (well, 6 days a week).  I thought I’d share that today!

GF Binder

As all of you know, I have a thing for binders.  Really, it’s more of an obsession than a “thing.”  It only made sense that I’d make one for organizing all of my blog stuff!  I bought a 1″ teal binder (because it’s just really pretty) and some cute dividers and made my “Gavina Family Blog Planner.”  I seriously don’t think I’d be able to keep track of all of the stuff going on with my blog without it!    I’ve combined a ton of different printables from various websites and blogs to compile my organization system, and all of those links are included below as well.

GF Binder Tabs

The first tab is my Weekly Post Planner.  The front page is just a “My Blog Ideas” page.  Lined, with a cute little heart on the bottom, I put my ideas down as I think of a new post.  This keeps me from forgetting some really awesome blog posts, and it gives me a running list to use when I’m feeling stuck on what to write that week.

Blog Ideas GF

I then printed out a bunch of copies of a weekly blog planner from Homeschool Creations that lets me plan out my blog posts for the week, keep track of where I’ve posted them on social media, and my to do list for that week’s blog posts.

I also printed out some super cute blog post research pages from Homeschoolin’ Mama.  I use these for my more involved posts that aren’t just writing about my thoughts, pictures of our furry kids, etc.

Weekly Plan

The second tab is my Monthly Post Planner.  I printed out a 2013 blogging calendar and super cute front page from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I plan out my month’s posts ahead of time (somewhat) and it keeps me knowing which ones have been posted and which ones haven’t because it has checkboxes not only for scheduling, but also for the different social media that I post on and whether the blog post is for a giveaway.  There are always days in the week that are blank until the weekend or night before, but it helps me remember which link-ups or weekly/monthly posts I’m doing (like my weekly baby bump updates!).


My third tab is Blogger Opportunities.  I have a list of the link-ups I want to participate in (courtesy of Homeschool Creations… sensing a theme yet?  She has some really cute stuff!) and a Guest Posts list (both ones that are going to be posted on my blog and the ones I’m going to be guest posting onto other blogs).  This way, none get forgotten about and I have a running list of where all I’ve posted and who I’ve gotten to post on this one!  I also have a list of contact info for all of the blogs I link up with, guest post on, advertise/swap buttons with, or have a connection with in some other way.

Guest Posts Page Linkups Page

The fourth tab is Reviews/Giveaways.  This one doesn’t get used yet, but I’m hoping to get to use it soon!  I have a really cute printable with all the info for a review or giveaway.  Now I just need to find some to do!

Review Giveaway Page

The last tab is Statistics.  I got a printable off of Homeschool Creations and keep track of monthly pageviews, hits, subscribers, Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest followers, etc.  This helps me see my progress and make sure that I’m getting the response I want from the various ways I try to get the blog out in the blogosphere!

Stats Page


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    wow! I thought I was organised until I saw this! I think my blog is the one place I have embraced NOT being so over organised for once but I seem to be slipping back into my old ways …and I kind of prefer it that way 😉
    I know they say ‘baby brain’ is a made up thing…but i seem to still be suffering from mine 4 years on so youre going to LOVE that binder even more once little man comes along :)

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