It’s a…

Blue Gender Reveal BoxWe’re supposed to find out the gender the first week of July, when we have our 20 (ehhh… more like 23 or 24) week ultrasound with my OB. A couple of weeks ago, when Ryan was home, we decided to go ahead and get an elective ultrasound so we could find out. With him only having a couple of weeks at home (some of which he’ll be working) in July, we wanted to be able to start planning and figuring out the nursery and all the other stuff there is to get ready. Goodness knows October will be here before we know it!

The tech put the wand on my belly and instantly, there was a little baby with legs spread wide open. It was pretty obvious that we were having another little boy! After we did the scan, we went to get a bunch of blue stuff to put into boxes and send to our families. We Skyped with each one as they opened it. The last one was last night, where my mom, dad, littlest sister, her boyfriend, grandma, and my aunt were all together for dinner. My middle sister and Ryan Skyped in from Dallas and Miami while Matthew and I sat at the supper table. It was SO much fun watching Awmaw try to figure out what the box meant, and even more fun to tell them the baby’s name.

So, without further ado… Meet Mason David!

Mason David

“Mason” comes from one of the most important places in my life, our ranch. I’ll never be able to express what the place means to me, but it’s also a tribute to my Pawpaw, who passed a couple of months ago. He was born on the ranch (“farm” back then), and he and Awmaw taught me exactly how much that land and family means. “David” is after my dad, the most amazing male influence in our boys’ lives, besides their daddy. He’s absolutely smitten by his first grandson, and I can’t imagine a stronger man to name our second little boy after.

Matthew thought it was SO cool to see his baby brother on the screen. He loves reading his big brother book, talking about “Basemen” (his version of Mason), and he gets extremely excited to say “yes” when we ask if he’s going to have a baby brother.

I can’t wait to see my two sweet boys playing together. I’ll be entirely outnumbered in this house, between Ryan, Matthew, Mason, Chewie, and Moose. I’m 150% okay with that, though!

5 Ways Pregnancy #2 is Different Than #1

Whenever I have a minute to actually think about the fact that I’m pregnant, I realize that Round 2 is SO much different than Round 1. Not in a bad way– in fact, a lot of the differences are great– just in a different way. We were incredibly thankful for both, considering what each took to get, and I think there’s just a huge relief to be getting to compare pregnancies when we weren’t sure we’d ever get a second one. Honestly, this pregnancy has been wonderful in so many ways, including most of the differences.

PREGNANCY #21. I’m tired. All. the. time.

I feel like this one applied to my first pregnancy, too, except for a couple of reasons. 1) I don’t think I appreciated the definition of “tired” the first time around. Chasing a 2 year old while the husband is gone during the first trimester (aka “hell”) in a 3 story house is no joke. I never knew my body could be this tired (or this happy, for the record). 2) I was able to rest whenever I wanted. I had the dogs, sure, but we were in a one bedroom apartment for training. There wasn’t much cleaning to do and the dogs were happy to nap anytime I wanted (and anytime I didn’t).

2. My cravings are 180* different from last time.

Ryan and I both expected me to crave the same things I did with Matthew, and I just don’t. With Matthew, I wanted deluxe chicken enchiladas, coconut cream pie, and Sonic everything. Of course, Whataburger was an excellent option as well. This round, all I want are cold, crisp salads, unsweet iced tea, veggie sandwiches (which, for the record, I never even LIKED, much less craved), and I actually have an aversion to most sweet things. Even when I think I want it, I’ll have a couple of bites of whatever it is and be done. Anyone who knows me knows that that is bizarre. I’m the girl who hid candy she stole from her sisters in her room. This is probably also helping with the next difference…

3. I’m healthier.

I started this pregnancy in better shape. I ran (intermittently), I ate better, and I lifted 30ish pounds a thousand times a day, up and down stairs, in and out of the car, etc. I ate better than I used to because I want Matthew to be eating healthy, well-rounded meals and snacks, which also means I do. Even when I’m grazing while I work on dinner, it’s bell peppers, cucumbers, cheese, and other good-for-me options. I’m still accidentally working out just by having a toddler, rather than hanging out in a tiny apartment, eating an entire coconut cream pie in a day (no promises that won’t happen at some point, though).

4. I’m chiller.

Y’all, even with the worry about baby “sticking,” I haven’t worried about this pregnancy. I know what’s coming next. I know how our appointments work. I know when we should hear a heartbeat/feel baby move/know a gender. I think it probably helps that I’m so busy with Matthew so I have less time to think and worry about every little thing with this baby. I’m still enjoying the good stuff– like feeling it move– but I’m not spending my time worrying about the bad stuff.

5. I’m not buying all the baby things.

We have most of what we need, thankfully, and even the stuff we don’t, we’ll get eventually. We have months! I don’t feel the need to stuff our house with more baby stuff, particularly since the nursery is still being used as a guest room. Our budget is certainly appreciating the lack of “nesting” thus far, even though I know that’s coming at some point! Our home, however, would probably appreciate a little bit of it since I still have about 15 boxes to unpack and find someplace to put (most of which will be given away).

Snapshots of Our Day

Okay, this post is more like Snapshots of Matthew’s day, but let’s be honest, he’s the one you people want to see anyway, right?

Mall PlaygroundBefore Ryan left, we went to the mall to get some shopping done. There was a cute little play area that Matthew wanted to go play in, so we stopped for half an hour and let him get some energy out (followed by froyo, of course). He had the BEST time running up the stairs of the “bus” and going down the slide. When he’d get to the bottom, he’d yell “weeeee!” Daddy even taught him how to climb up on the faucet. He was so excited to be able to use no hands once he got up on it by himself.





Feeding His DogsMatthew is our biggest little helper! He gets up from the couch, trashes what’s left in his bowl, puts his bowl in the dishwasher (or if it’s running, he’ll put it in the sink). Then he takes his milk and puts it in the beer fridge because he can’t open the big fridge. It never ceases to amaze me how much they catch onto just by watching us. He’s also started helping me with feeding the dogs. He’ll get the bowls for me, I’ll fill the cup with the food, and he puts the food into the bowls. Then, once they’re done, he picks up the bowls and puts them away.




HeadphonesA few weeks ago, we bought Matthew some soundproof headphones for when we take him to an air show. We had to be prepared in case we find something fun to do! We were a little concerned that Matthew wouldn’t be a fan since he won’t keep hats or ANYTHING on his head for longer than 30 seconds, even when he asks for them. Apparently our concern was for naught because the little kid brings them up to me anytime he spots them and asks me to put them on him. He’ll run around the house with them on for hours if I let him! Every time I see them on him, it makes me smile because it reminds me of all the times my Pawpaw made me wear some that looked remarkably similar to these when he taught me how to shoot a gun.


PancakesThere is rarely a food we put in front of Matthew that he doesn’t like. What can I say? He’s his dad’s kid! His favorite lately, though, are berries of basically any variety with some form of starch– pancakes, waffles, crepes, you name it. I love it because it gets something in him in the mornings besides pure sugar and starch, but it’s still right up my alley for what I like in the mornings: sweet, not savory. Sometimes, he’s my kid too, I guess!





Puppy LovinAnd of course, no post about Matthew’s day would be complete without his pups. These dogs are absolutely this little boy’s best friends. Moose lays outside his door if he’s crying and Chewie follows him around, trying to get him to play all day. Recently, Matthew has started pulling on their collars and saying “Come!” every time he walks out of the room to go to another room. He just won’t leave without his dogs! The other day, he spent 10 minutes going back and forth between the two of them, giving them “ugs.” Eventually, he settled on watching his movie while laying on Chewie and looking over his shoulder.




We have been so unbelievably blessed by this little man. He made us parents, and made the transition so easy. Matthew is the sweetest little gentleman in the world. He says please and thank you, he does his dishes, he LOVES to wash his hands after dinner, he reminds us to pray before meals and bedtime if we don’t suggest it first, he helps with things around the house. He’s just the absolute joy of our lives and we can’t wait to see him being a big brother, too.


Healthier Substitutes for What I’m Craving

SUBSTITUTESAfter gaining 60 pounds with Matthew, I would much prefer NOT to gain that with this baby. As Ryan pointed out, I DID lose that weight quickly, but I’d rather not have to even think about it. Don’t get me wrong– I’m not working out when I’m not supposed to, I’m not over-doing anything, I still allow myself whatever I can keep down when I’m feeling sick, and I for SURE let myself have the occasional treat. But, when I can, I like to substitute healthier versions of things I maybe shouldn’t be eating/drinking or just foods I’m craving. I’m not worried about the number on the scale at all. But, I simply cannot gain 60 pounds and be as exhausted as I was last time when I have a toddler to chase and a home to care for, mostly on my own. The thought of carrying a 30 pound Matthew AND 60 pounds worth of baby gain up and down our three floors makes me tired just THINKING about it!

For example, when I’m dying for some nachos, I get the thin and crispy Tosititos (a) they’re more like what tortilla chips are supposed to be b) thinner=slightly healthier). I put a little shredded Mexican cheese on it (remember that once it melts, it’ll spread out!), put some sliced jalapeños on them, salt them slightly (mostly because that’s what my dad always did), and bake them until the cheese is all melty. Pull them out, add some sliced avocado instead of sour cream (good fats!), some pico de gallo or salsa, and go to town! If you’re making this dinner, spoon some black beans on top of the sliced jalapeños before you bake them and you’ve now added great protein to it.

Pizza is another craving I try to avoid. Not only because it’s unhealthy but it’s also always felt expensive for what you get. Bread, cheese, and maybe some toppings? Er… no. Whole wheat pita bread, some of my homemade spaghetti sauce that I keep in the freezer or even just chopped tomatoes with basil and oregano, and shredded mozzarella, stuck in the oven for a few minutes? Totally fixes the craving!

IMG_6874_2I hear wine is a no-no. Sure, some people are comfortable with a glass a week or a few sips here and there, but honestly, I would prefer to just go the 9 months without it. It’s just NOT that big of a deal for me. Instead, I get our red wine glasses and some ice-cold Perrier and juice. I fill the glass most of the way with the plain old Perrier (no flavors or anything) and a splash of juice. My favorite is cranberry pomegranate, since it isn’t super sweet, but white cranberry peach, cranberry cherry, etc. are super tasty too! Plus, the fizzy drink helps me get rid of my Diet Coke craving.

I haven’t really been wanting sweets, but ice cream has always been a weakness of mine. I found these Chobani Indulgence Greek yogurt cups. My personal fave is the raspberry with dark chocolate because it’s still tart, but definitely qualifies as dessert. It’s even better if you freeze it! The other option is to make your own. Buy some plain Greek yogurt, add a little honey, some chopped fruit of your choice and you’re in business!

Do I do these subs every time I want this stuff? Of course not. But when I can, I do, because I’d rather get the nutrients from the substitutes because it keeps me fuller longer and I don’t feel nearly as lousy afterwards.

Pregnancy Journal: 13 Weeks

13 Weeks PregnantThis past week has been a lot of adjustment. Ryan left, so we’ve been working on getting into our rhythm without Daddy here. We finally got into a routine and are both doing really well. I finally have energy again (proven by the full meals I’ve actually cooked this week) and I’m feeling really great as long as I remember to eat regularly. It’s so crazy that I already have a bump, though! The good news is, I’ll probably be more comfortable on the beach in my swimsuit because I’ll actually look pregnant, not like I just had a few too many burritos. Ha!

I think the most fun part of the week was definitely feeling the baby move the last few nights. It’s been incredibly reassuring and exciting. In some ways, I think this pregnancy is more fun than Matthew’s because, despite the concerns about it “sticking,” we haven’t worried about all the stuff we did with Matthew. We know what’s coming, we know how it works, and we just aren’t worried about it. We get to enjoy the fun stuff without all the worry that comes with it.

One thing I want to start working on is finding some “Big Brother” books for Matthew. He says yes when we ask him if he’s excited to be a big brother, but I’d like some books to start collecting to read to him about it. We’re always on the look-out for new books to read and this seems like a good next category to work on filling out in our home library. Do you have any books you loved for your kiddos when they became big siblings?

How far along: 13 weeks

Total weight gain: 4 pounds

Maternity clothes: Off and on… Mostly on.

Stretch marks: I haven’t noticed new ones yet!

Sleep: Better when I’m sleeping with my body pillow to help with hip pain

Best moment of the week: Feeling baby move!!!

Miss anything: Not really, actually. Lunchmeat sounds gross, I’ve found a good substitute for wine in the evenings, and I crave things I can have.

Movement: I’ve been feeling baby move the last few days, every evening. SO reassuring!

Food cravings: Salads, mostly. Cold, crisp ones with creamy balsamic dressing. This baby is far nicer to my waistline than Matthew was!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I’ve only been queasy if I forget to eat, thank goodness!

Have you started to show yet: Yup, and I’m so happy about it!

Gender: We know it has one…?

Labor signs: Not a one.

Belly button– in or out: In!

Wedding rings– on or off: On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy– how could I not be?

Looking forward to: A real vacation next week with my two best boys!

5 Activities You Can Do Every Day with Your Toddler

*This post contains affiliate links. I’ll make a little change off of them if you choose to purchase the items, with no additional cost to you. It helps keep this hobby of mine financially possible!*

Ideas for activities with your toddler #parenting #toddler #stayathomemom | The Pearl & The PilotMy first few months as a toddler mom, I felt like I was drowning. Matthew was getting into everything, we didn’t have any structure, and I just didn’t feel like we were doing what he needed to grow and learn. After doing a TON of reading on the inter webs,  I started to get an idea for what I thought would work best for our little family. I’ve found that I like to have goals because otherwise, I feel like we just sort of hang out all day, and by the end of the day, I don’t feel like much of a mom. Now, every family needs a hang out day once in a while– I’m a huge fan of staying in my pj’s– but because I’m a stay-at-home mama, I prefer to have something I try to do every day with our kiddo(s) so that I know we’re doing more than watching movies, eating junk food (which is what inevitably gets pulled out if I haven’t already planned out our meals), and driving each other nuts. I thought I’d share my Top 5 Activities for our toddler so that you might get some fresh perspective and ideas to help you, too.

Reading Books1. Read

I feel like this one is kind of a given, but it’s something we decided we wanted to be intentional about from Day 1. Even when he was too little to understand the words or even appreciate the pictures, we read to him. Now, whether it’s a result of that or just having an amazing litle kid, he LOVES books. He’ll stop playing to ask me to read to him. He’ll lay in bed for literally 2 hours, reading to himself, naming the animals or food or whatever in his 101 words books, saying the words he remembers from Madeline or Doggies. Even if Baby #2 doesn’t ask, we want to make sure that he or she reads with us, too. I think it’ll have to be a lot less intentional this time, since I’ll be reading with Matthew every day anyway, but I also want to make sure we read to them one-on-one like we did with Matthew.

Some of our favorites lately:

Pirates of the Sea! by Brandon Dorman: Extremely well-written and fun to read (even the 1909832nd time)

Doggies by Sandra Boynton: I’ll never forgive my cousin for this one, but Matthew LOVES it

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss: This one has gotten a lot of play on Pinterest as a memory book, but it’s also just a great book. Matthew picks “Go!” a lot (Mama has the entire thing memorized) but it’s an easy read and it has a great rhythm.

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans: I remember reading this one as a kid, so it’s fun to read it now, too

2. Play with Kinetic Sand

I love doing sensory activities with Matthew, but so many of them are too messy to want to do in the house or too sticky/dirty for my little OCD child to enjoy. This stuff has been AMAZING for him, though. It sticks to itself, so not only does it not get his hands sandy, but it’s super easy cleanup if it spills. You just grab another piece of it, press it down on top of the part that spilled, and it’ll pick it up for you! I found some little sand castle and animal molds at Michael’s for CHEAP ($3 a bag?), got a cute tray from Hobby Lobby, and bought the sand on Amazon. He’ll sit there and make crabs and fish and castles the entire time I’m getting dinner ready (a HUGE help when Daddy isn’t home) and it’s cathartic for me to do it “gain” for him when he wants Mama to play, too.


Playtime3. Build That Imagination

Matthew loves to “cook cook” at his kitchen that he got for Christmas. We got him a stir fry set as well and he loves it since it’s one of his favorites for supper and it’s velcroed together so he can “cut” it up. On the list of things we’d like to get him are a cash register so he can have a grocery store and eventually help him with counting, numbers, money, etc. We also want a doctor set so he can play doctor which will hopefully help him get over his fear of the pediatrician in addition to expand his little imagination.

4. Move Around

He’s 2! Not only does doing something physical eat up that time between awake and asleep, but it also exhausts him best so he sleeps well during nap and bedtime. We’ll play out in the street (thank goodness for a dead-end street with a TON of other two year olds) with his Cozy CoupeBubble Lawn Mower, chalk, or bubbles (the last two being his favorites). I end up drawing a LOT of airplanes and shapes, and blowing a LOT of bubbles, but it gets his energy out and lets him play with other kids. Sometimes, we’ll head up the street to the park to play on the slide or climb the stairs (because y’know, stairs at the park are far more fun than stairs at home). I’m especially excited to walk to the huge splash park that’s about a mile from our house this summer. As much as he loved the hose in Mississippi, I can only imagine what our little man will do at a splash park!

5. Snuggle

Whether it’s while we read, watch “Airplanes,” (Planes) “Fish,” (Finding Nemo) “Happy Eeeet,” (Happy Feet) or “Lion” (Madagascar), before bed, or while he works on a puzzle (this Pets Cube Puzzle one is his favorite), we snuggle every day. With Daddy being gone a lot, I do my best to make sure he’s getting as much affection as he would if we were both home. Even without that factor, though, I think it’s important to show him how much we love him, and the best way to do that for a toddler is physical affection since words and actions don’t mean nearly as much to them. He LOVES our snuggles and tickles before bed. He doesn’t smile as big or laugh as hard all day as he does then.

What do you and your toddler do every day to keep your sanity?

Pregnancy Journal: 12 Weeks

This was 12 weeks exactly... The shirt doesn't really show the little belly I have!

This was 12 weeks exactly… The shirt doesn’t really show the little belly I have!

12 weeks in, and I’m FINALLY posting one of these! I actually have (most of) them written from the last few weeks, but I haven’t downloaded the pictures and therefore they haven’t gotten posted on here. #secondchildproblems

I cannot believe we’re a third of the way to Baby #2. Last time, it felt like ages at this point until we were going to get to meet our sweet Matthew. This time? Holy cow. I can’t believe we only have 28 weeks left… I feel like we should have SO much to do, but honestly, there are so few things we need for this baby. All I really need to do is find clothes if it’s a girl and decorate a nursery. The scariest part is knowing what’s coming this time– the sleepless nights, the nursing, the possibility of another c-section recovery. It’s exciting, too, though. We can’t wait to see our little man be a big brother or the pups having another one to protect (they both come to get me every time Matthew cries in his room). So, I thought it would be fun to do some questions every week just to track the progress of this pregnancy.

How far along: 12.5 weeks

Total weight gain: 4 pounds

Baby is the size of a: Plum

Maternity clothes: I’ve been wearing mostly maternity pants, and switching between normal shirts and maternity ones. Definitely most comfortable in dresses when it’s warm enough!

Stretch marks: No new ones!

Sleep: Now that I’m off the progesterone, I’m feeling a little less hormonal and crazy, but I’m also not getting the perk of it acting like Tylenol PM and knocking me out. I’ve had some WEIRD dreams (may need to turn those into a post) which mean I wake up a lot at night.

Best moment of the week: Hearing our little peanut’s heartbeat. I’ll admit it, I nearly cried.

Miss anything: My apple pie liquor from Little Rock. It’s like dessert in a glass!

Movement: Not yet, but I’ve heard it happens sooner with #2 so I’m hoping for soon!

Food cravings: Salad. Veggie sandwiches. Perrier with a splash of juice. Milk. I don’t know who I am anymore.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Thankfully, I’m mostly back to feeling okay now that we’re hitting the 2nd trimester. I do have an aversion to most sweet things (for example, I ate an entire bowl of strawberries last night without chocolate syrup or sugar).

Have you started to show yet: Yup! I used to think it was all bloat but I’m thinking it’s officially a baby belly!

Gender: Don’t know yet, but it’s KILLING me to know.

Labor signs: Thank goodness, no.

Belly button– in or out: In

Wedding rings– on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: A little of both, probably because Ryan is gone for a couple of months (but Matthew and I going to go play in Miami for a week for my birthday/Mother’s Day!)

Looking forward to: A vacation that ISN’T to see someone we’re related to (our first since our honeymoon) and some time playing on the beach with my two boys.

My Jet-Setting Family

The last week has been NUTS in our house. We’ve been running around, trying to get as much heavy lifting done as possible before I’m solo for a couple of months. Why am I going to be solo parenting? Because my amazing husband got a call from Atlas Air, a huge cargo company, and was asked to be a 747 pilot! So, as of Saturday, he’s in Miami, training to be a hotshot pilot (again). I’m so super proud of him. He’s worked incredibly hard the last year to make sure we’re all cared for and happy, and I’m just so thankful that he’s finally gotten a call that will not only pay the bills, but make him happy and have him doing what he loves to do: fly big planes all over the world.

Friday, the middlest sister, Meagan, and her Ryan (affectionately referred to as “Skinny White Ryan” in our family) flew in from DFW. It was absolutely amazing getting some time with them, especially since she and I have never hung out in my own house without the parents around. It’s pretty cool being grown-ups (even if making decisions this weekend was not our strong suit). Matthew is absolutely smitten by his aunt, and even got to where he’d go hug on Ryan, too!

Bud’s first and only requirement for the weekend (beyond corrupting her nephew as much as possible) was to see Lincoln. So, we headed there first and took plenty of pics!

Laying on Lincoln

Bud and Mattman at Lincoln Cait and Bud at Lincoln









Matching Tshirts at Lincoln

For those who don’t know, Meagan had matching shirts made for Matthew and her last year and this year (to continue for eternity). How cute are they?!


Sunday was spent laying around in the morning, and then we went to the Dulles Air and Space Museum. Matthew, of course, LOVED it (other than the two rounds of time-out he got when he threw a fit… Yay 2?!). Monday, we had the morning and early afternoon to play, so we went downtown to the Natural History Museum. Matthew thought it was great, but was definitely most in love with the fish (Thanks a lot, Nemo). In fact, he spent most of the rest of the museum asking to go back– at least until he fell asleep. As Bud said, he got the power napping gene from her.Up the Stairs Lions Power NapAfterwards, we walked around the White House and over to one of Ryan’s and my favorite restaurants, Founding Farmers, where we had far too much to eat before we hopped on a train, picked up the car, and left to drop them off at the airport. Matthew was not a happy camper when he figured out that Auntie Meggy and Ryan weren’t getting back in the car, but a little Happy Feet (“Hoppyeeeet”) and snuggles with Mama got him to settle down and fall asleep. I have to admit, I was pretty darn sad to have her leave, too.


Matthew’s First Baseball Game

Family Photo Baseball GameWith Daddy leaving for 2 months soon, we decided to take Matthew to his first baseball game (mostly so that when Granddaddy visits, we can go without Dad feeling like he’s missing a milestone). My BFFFFFFFF from college, Stef, was in town visiting, and it was SO fun to get to go with her since that was our favorite thing to do in college: go watch our Bobcats play at the gorgeous new diamond! That meant there was exactly one day that would work. It was cold, it was rainy, it was a blast. We were a little worried about whether Matthew would sit through an entire game, especially in the cold, but the kid LOVED it. We ended up leaving at the end of the 8th to beat the crowds to the train, but even so, he would have been completely fine all the way through if we had stayed.


Sweet Tea and Stef Baseball GameStef and I brought cans of sweet tea and a big bag of peanuts to every game. Technically, this might or might not be against the rules for the Nats ballpark, buuuut apparently, if you have a backpack, they check it, and you say “it’s a lot of baby crap” they chuckle and let it through. Whoops.

Matthew learned to yell “Charge!” and punch his fist after the music plays. In fact, he STILL does it randomly around the house or in the car. He also danced every time music came on for the players or in between innings. Apparently he does have some of his daddy in him (not that you could tell by looking at him or anything)!



Future Catcher Baseball GameOf course, there’s always some kind of a race at a baseball game, right? Well, in the nation’s capital, it’s a bunch of creepy looking presidents running around and eating red dirt. Can’t say I hated watching Washington fall flat on his face, though!

Matthew took to sitting like this for a lot of the time… We’ve decided he may be a catcher when he grows up. We’re just going to pray he didn’t get Mama’s knees. It would be even better if he were a pitcher, though, considering his southpaw tendencies thus far. Mama and Daddy would be totally good with being parents to an MLB player!



Plastic Hat Baseball GameWe partook in plenty of delicious ballpark snacks. Matthew couldn’t handle the peanut shells on the floor (my poor little OCD kiddo), but he did love a bite of our hotdog and the cotton candy. His favorite, though, was the popcorn that came in a plastic bucket hat. Not only is popcorn his all-time favorite snack, but the hat was a huge hit, too!

After the game, we had one tired little kid. On the train home, he fell asleep leaned up against Daddy. We passed him over the seat so he could sleep on my chest, and even after we got up, off the train, and out into the cold, drizzle, and wind, he was STILL asleep the whole walk to the car.

Tired Matthew after Baseball Game

Tangy Chicken Piccata Recipe

Chicken Piccata RecipeI’m always looking for meals that are tasty and easy. One of our favorites around here is chicken piccata. Maybe it’s our thing for crazy-bold flavors (we do nothing subtle in this house), but we absolutely love this stuff. It’s tangy, salty, just slightly creamy, and includes carbs. Uh… Basically my perfect meal.

This one looks and sounds fancy, but the truth is, it’s one of the easiest meals we make. Add in some balsamic roasted asparagus, caprese, or a great spinach salad, and you have a gorgeous, healthy meal for your family. Not to mention, it’s cheap! The most expensive part is the capers, but you use so few that even that keeps it cost-effective so even on tax day, we can justify this one!


2 chicken breasts, sliced in half lengthwise

1 cup flour

1/2 T oregano

1/2 T basil

2 eggs, beaten

3/4 c lemon juice

1 T capers

1 T minced garlic

2 T half and half

angel hair pasta (we usually use half a box, but however much you’d like is fine!)

olive oil

salt and pepper, to taste

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 350*.
  2. Heat enough olive oil in a pan to just cover the bottom– you’re not deep-frying, you’re pan frying. Do this over medium high heat.
  3. Mix the basil, oregano, salt, and pepper with the flour on a plate.
  4. Salt and pepper your chicken breasts. Dredge them in the egg and then the flour.
  5. Place them in the pan, making sure not to overcrowd it.
  6. Once one side is brown, flip it, and brown the other.
  7. When that side is browned, pull it out and put it in the oven on non-stick foil if it’s not cooked all the way through. This will keep it juicy without burning the crust.
  8. Once you’ve cooked all the chicken, scrape that brown goodness off the bottom and add the lemon juice, capers, garlic, and half and half. Let it simmer for a few minutes to thoroughly combine the flavors.
  9. Meanwhile, cook your pasta (4 minutes for al dente angel hair pasta, which is our favorite).
  10. Place the pasta and chicken on your plate and pour some (or a lot, if you’re us) sauce over it.